Imagine, or just remember… the fish escaped… the fish jumped out the water… the fish attacked but didn’t take… the times when the catchy fly was the last… moment when you tried all of them and got back through them again… the fly which brought you the biggest fish… the strongest… the nicest… the most fish… take it with you… it will collect your memories… it will remind your memories…

Considering fly anglers demands, basically I make fly wallets of few sizes:
- large. 12x20 cm folded fly wallets. Hold 27 pins on one side. Price starts at 119 eur.
- medium. 11x17 cm folded fly wallets. Hold 18 pins on one side. Price starts at 109 eur.
- small. 8x14cm folded fly wallets. Hold 14 pins on one side. Price starts at 79 eur.

Shipping costs are included in price.

Different sizes not only allow angler to decide which of them is the most comfortable to use in fishing, but also defines the capacity of tube and hook flies that can be stored in them.

Another very important aspect is that all these wallets, inside can be modified very flexibly. Are you fishing more on tube flies or hook flies different proportions of the fly holding materials can be adjusted making your personal wallet.

Please look at the gallery below at the many different design fly wallets I have made. The designs are different fish species paintings: brown trout, steelhead, salmon, pike; or it can be any fly pattern paintings as well.
Considering ordering, please write me an email to with a name the size of a wallet you are willing to receive and send me a picture of the particular design you want to be applied to. 

Please contact me to discuss your particular ideas of custom order.