Each accessory is made personally for...

For personal customized demands - just write me on email or social media with a picture of description of the article:


Extraordinary handmade leather fly fishing accessories

Fly line/ leader case

A case, made to hold fly lines, versi tips and leaders. Great item to carry the options of sinking densities you need for fishing


Stainless steel hip flasks

Tube fly pouches

Leather pouches with clear pockets inside - perfect for tube flies, shooting heads and leaders.

Tube fly wallets

Fly wallets I have originally designed to hold tube flies on pins. So simple and easy to use in practice and to store tube flies

Hook fly wallets

Fly wallets designed for hook flies with sheepskin or slotted foam inside

Also I make accessories by order, as customers sometimes want different design application, colors, inside set-up also adding initials or their names on.