Imagine. it is heavy rain… it’s freezing… but passion for salmon keeps you in the water, keeps you to stay and do one more cast, swing the fly one more time…
Take it with you. it will collect your memories… it will remind your memories…

Flasks are high quality, stainless steel, covered with art crafted genuine leather to last of years, delighting the owner from the outside and inside as well. The collection consists of several patterns. However, considering these are handmade, they have slit differences, are unique.

I make with leather classical flasks or Stanley flasks.

So far I have made many different patterns of flask design. Please look at the picture gallery below. All artworks I make to order, therefore please contact me sending the picture or link of the flask design you like in particular and I will make one for you.


Custom orders may be executed as well as  details may be added too. 
Please contact me to discuss your particular ideas of custom order.

8 oz. stainless steel hip flask. Price starts at 59 eur shipping included. Custom details may be added. Please contact me to discuss your particular ideas of custom order.